Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bahamas Cruise Trip Report - Day 1

Day 1

I flew Southwest Airlines to Orlando where I met up with Luis, Jody and Kim at the airport. We took a 1 hour shuttle from the airport toward a town called Coco Beach where we would be staying for the night. Luis and Kim and I were on our first cruise, invited by Jody who ran the poker room on the cruise. Kim was going to be a cashier and to hang out with Jody, Luis and I were there to deal poker. We had to stay overnight at a hotel then board the ship the next morning, so we had some time to kill on a Sunday night.
Our shuttle driver was good enough to stop at a grocery store so we could buy some beer on the way to our hotel, the fabulous La Quinta Inn. Jody and I went in and bought a 12 of St. Pauli and another of some assorted local beers. We also got a six pack of 7oz bud lights for Kim, which Jody referred to as Strip Club Beers – for their potential to be sold for $10 each in a strip club. We got back into the van and headed to the hotel. The moment we got out we were assaulted by bugs, big slow ugly Atlantic mosquitoes. I caught one in the face and was teased mercilessly for the next 2 hours for the quarter size lump on my cheek. Legs, arms, everywhere.
While joking around with Andy, the Australian front desk clerk, we asked him about the local action there in town. He gave us directions to Sandbar around the corner. After a couple of beers and posing for a few wacky and vaguely sexual pictures with the life size astronaut statue in the lobby, we sprinted to our rooms and cracked open a few more beers and decided what to do.
Luis claimed he was hardly touched by the bugs and quickly concluded that it was some lotion he had on. 30 seconds later the rest of us were coated in lotion and ready to go. We called a cab and waited up by the lobby so we could head over to the Sandbar for drinks and some dinner. The cab driver was hilarious; I can’t remember her name but her “name your own cab fare” policy was pure genius. She must have got $20 from us for a $5 ride. We took a booth inside and checked out the menu. We were in luck; the Sandbar was a sports bar/meat market/dance club right on the Atlantic Ocean. There was literally no back wall; you could just walk right out on the beach. Nice place, tiki themed with beach signs, surfboards and bikini tops hanging from the ceiling. We were there on industry night - $1 Drafts, $2 Jaeger shots and $3 Jaeger bombs. We ordered appetizers like coconut shrimp and deep fried alligator too. I spent $50 myself that night on food and booze, worth every penny.
The place turned into a dance club soon after we finished eating. We wandered around for a few hours posing for facebook and drinking bomb after bomb until it was time to go. I wish I could say that something wildly exciting happened to make the night epic, but it wasn’t like that. It was calm, chill. Dance. Drink. Go smoke on the beach. Dance some more. Buy another drink. Do a shot. Dance. The music was bumpin, the weather was perfect and we were all smiling. I don’t remember what time we left, but I do remember it was time.
Hammer time.
We headed back to the hotel to finish of the rest of our beers and go for a swim and meet Jason, another dealer who was coming on the cruise with us. Couple laps in the pool and I was out cold. Perfect Day.

November Nights

Good night in the poker room last night. Off at 1am, perfect time for my "after shifter", the free beer I get when I work - thank you Nugget. Ran into Jody and Kim right away and I knew I was in trouble. If you are gonna have a beer with Jody, you're probably going to have 20. We did pretty much that - drinking Coronas 'till nobody was ugly. Tim was there too but had to depart early due to passed out girlfriend in the chair syndrome. Spent an hour or two at the sportsbar/dancefloor watching a dance? battle between a kid jerking everywhere (he was pretty good too) and another dude who looked like a triple gold medalist at the Paraguayan special olympics. Tight polo shirt tucked into some khakis that came up to his nipples. Kept waving his hand to the jerkin guy like Oprah waving in a plateful of seconds. Comical stuff. We had an Annie Lennox look alike contest last night too, there were a couple tall blondes with crew cuts hanging out. Not even together either. We choked on our beers when the spunky one on the dance floor grabbed her date and dragged him to who knows where. Poor guy was half her size and twice her age, kind of a cross between Moby and the singer in REM - so wasted he could barely stand. Cute couple. Once the herd thinned out we headed to the martini bar for a visit to bartender Shane. Shane does not pour tequila shots. Shane pours glasses of tequila. Three fingers later and I am feeling pretty good. Passed the time talking about our past and upcoming cruises and poker stuff. I miss NBA highlights on Sportscenter. It's November dammit!!!

Friday, July 08, 2011


Tipping is tricky. You rely on them for your income, and when the money isn't coming it makes the night seem very long. Last night was like that. I had a few Georges but everyone else was a stiff. How do you teach them? I have a few ideas, but the best way is by example. Check out the link...

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Camping Cleanup

I finally unwound my tents from the Echo trip and set them up in the garage to dry out. They were still a little wet and a lot dirty. I want to keep them up for next time. I had to waste well over a 12 pack of coronas, it almost made me cry. I put some uncooked hamburgers in the cooler in a box on top of the beer and then forgot about it for a day or two. You know the rest of that story. I had to dump them in the garbage outside, which had just been emptied. When they hit the bottom of the can, glass went flying everywhere. I just kept my head down and waited for it to stop. I actually drove the hamburger to the dump, it was so bad. Should've drank the beer at Echo... I am ready for another trip!


The last few weeks have been interesting. I quit the Rainbow. It was just too hard to watch them destroy the room. I hope everyone lands on their feet from this one. I had to bail early. I was able to get a swing shift dealing job back at the Nugget. It is my fifth? time working there. Had to do it. Better schedule and more money. more flexibility too. Rainbow took all the fun out of poker. Now I get to screw around and deal like I want too. Plus Rainbow shrinking guaranteed we'd get more action up the street.

Went to Echo reservoir last week. DISASTER! It rained, and I wasn't able to make much back on my investment. Next time... I'm already looking into houses for Vegas.

Props to Casey, the grave supervisor at Montego Bay. He spent like $600 of his own money to put on a fireworks show for us out at the salt flats. Pretty epic. Town is also full of new students, a lot of people made it out to the BBQ before the fireworks.

Next big thing is Lagoon on Tuesday. Unless a party breaks out over the weekend. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Stuff...

Ok, its been awhile again. I am tired of saying that, I hope I can continue to post more. BIG changes to the poker scene in Wendover. I started as the swing shift supervisor at the Rainbow Casino last August, and it has been one hell of a ride. We are going from one extreme to another. We just finished up a 25 table tournament, now we are shutting the room down and going to 4 tables only. Thats right, only open Fri, Sat and Sun... We'll see how that goes. I will be working Mondays and Tuesdays at Montego Bay. The good news is that we are going standard on all of the tournaments - There will be one every night at 8:30pm at Montego Bay. Same buy in - $60 during the week and $80 on the weekend. 4000 in chips for the entry and 2000 for the dealer add on - 6000 total. Decent blind structure too, I will be trying to play at least one or two a week. Were still debating the structures on the games at the Rainbow. I am all for getting rid of the kill and going to a 2-6 spread limit. 1-2 NL and 2-5 NL will be a staple too. It will be fun to see what happens there...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Quick Exit

I finished the tournament last night in record time. I believe I was out in the first round, probably 5 or 6 hands in. No focus. I should have stayed around. Last night was very slow in Wendover and I’m wondering what’s up. I think we have lost a lot of business to the home games in Salt Lake. I know players don’t just quit, so they’ve got to be somewhere. All the dealers from around town were stopping in to see if we had any action going because their rooms were quiet too. Kind of eerie. I hope it’s busier tonight because I have a 6pm start again and Ill be one of the first ones out – I want to work late!

We started the Spin the Wheel promotion yesterday. Basically, it goes like this – get your aces cracked, or have a hand of aces full or better and you get to spin the giant wheel. It’s about 4 ½ feet around and has spaces from $20 up to $100, Steakhouse dinners for two, and free Jacuzzi suites. It hit twice in the first hour when I came in last night, so there definitely will be some free money flowing at work now. That is a very good thing! We’re even adding extra money for straight flushes and royals. Get in while you can.

Lakers Jazz rematch in SLC. Stay tuned.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Party Training

I got to run the tournament last night at the Nugget. It was fun, we had about 30 players and everything went super smooth. They played down to five players and chopped up the money. Part of the deal included a generous tip from all the players, which was a great bonus. I love when you get a take charge player in the end who demands that the dealers be included in the chop. Thanks, man!

I was able to get a small no limit game going after the tournament. We’re trying out a single $2 blind no limit game with a $50-$500 buy in. It was lucrative – lots of action. I wanted to sit in, I really did. I’m still retired, kind of like Allen Iverson, except that age has only helped my skills. I’ll play when the time is right.

There was another “party” downstairs in the billiards bar when I got off work. The Brazilian girls were in for cocktails and made me promise to come join them after my shift. I stayed for a bit, and even did my part by calling the guys to come out for a party. I didn’t know it would last only an hour or so. The girls started leaving 2 or 3 at a time – tired I guess. I tried buying a round of shots, but apparently the definition of party in Portuguese is to sit for 1 hour with 1 drink then go to sleep. Party training USA style must begin immediately! I think the plan was to go up to Southern X, but I am trying to save $$$ and I’ve got that Mrs. Jones type thing going anyway. Yes… I went home early! ;)

I’m working swing shift at the Nugget tonight. Come on out and play some poker!

Some Fun Quotes I posted years ago...

Take away the right to say "f**k" and you take away the right to say "f**k the government!”

-- Lenny Bruce

Do you wake up in the morning feeling sleepy and grumpy? Then you must be Snow White.

-- David Frost

An American girl hit on me in a club and asked me to make her an Egyptian princess. So I threw a sheet over her head and told her to be quiet.

-- Ahmed Ahmed

I bet a lot of mimes choke to death because nobody believes they're really choking.

-- John Gephart

Yes, time flies. And where did it leave you? Old too too late.

-- Mike Tyson

I have six locks on my door all in a row. When I go out, I only lock every other one. I figure no matter how long somebody stands there picking the locks, they are always locking three.

-- Elayne Boosler

Skill is successfully walking a tightrope over Niagara Falls. Intelligence is not trying.

-- Anonymous

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life in the Big City

Wednesday was the last of two day shifts this week. I had fun both days, but it was pretty slow. We held on to our game until about 2pm, when the aces cracked promotion ended. We’re changing that up in the next week, so that should help get some asses in the seats.

On Tuesday Paul and I put the wheel together, but I guess that we are waiting for some signs to show up before it gets spun for real money. The deal is that you get to spin the wheel if you get your aces cracked or if you get a high hand – aces full or better I think. It will be a great promotion. You can win up to $200 on the wheel, rooms, slot play and some other stuff I forgot. I’ll update as soon as it’s up and running.

There is student frenzy here in Wendover. New folks have come to town from Brazil and Peru. I have met several students and everyone seems cool. It’s funny to see how everyone behaves around the new girls. Reminds me of high school but with adult themes. MTV should look in to this for a reality series.

Speaking of reality, the Jazz were hanging good with the lakers last night until the middle of the 3rd. Then the tires popped and the Jazz were running on empty. 6 points in the 4th quarter. I have a tough time even following the Jazz this year. For those of you that really know me, that is huge. I have been a big Jazz fan my whole life but this team stinks. Where’s Kyle Korver when you need him?

I have to mention here that Metallica and Nirvana are great bands to listen to when you write.

Back to poker, yesterday we lost our game at 2pm or so, but we got it right back up again. 4pm brought us a couple players that saved the day. Tossing money everywhere and not looking at cards until the river, stuff like that. One hand I told one of these guys it was $20 to call. (The pots got real big for a 1-5) He grabs a $20 stack of white and plops it on the Cocktail Waitresses tray behind him as a tip, then he looked at everybody and said “Guys – the dealer said twenty dollars! What was I supposed to do?” It was great and it finished my day off well. I’ll have to see how swing shift did with them.

Open invitation to all big tippers – you are welcome on my table all the time!

Working the Thursday tournament shift tonight. See you there!


Things that have changed since I last wrote in my blog.

  1. I got back together with Marina.
  2. I opened a clothing store and quit dealing poker at the Rainbow. Call it the Steve effect.
  3. I closed my clothing store because everyone shops out of town. There were some other reasons too.
  4. I started dealing poker again at the Wendover Nugget.
  5. I broke up with Marina. Its nasty. Don't ask.
  6. I watched the Jazz game last night and it was disgusting. 6pts in the 4th. against the lakers.
  7. I woke up this morning and decided to write in the best poker blog in Wendover again.

Monday, April 07, 2008

I wish it was Thursday.....Guess Why?

I only worked a couple of hours yesterday, but I made great $$$. I topped it off with a second place finish in the Montego Bay Sunday tournament. $20+$20 rebuys. I was only in $40 this time, and second was a little over six hundred. Not bad for a Sundays work. I am still on the wagon, sucking down sugar free red bulls in record numbers. I had to quit after five of them yesterday, because I hadn’t eaten anything all day and I was beginning to feel a little weird. It did give me some wings in the tournament, as I felt hypersensitive to everything around me. I was really on and got an early chip lead. I managed to win a few more pots after that, and outlasted all but one for the final prize.

Sources at Montego Bay tell me that they are looking at starting a deep stack 30 min. round tourney every Sunday with a $100 buy in. Start time would be around 2pm. I am all for it, I would love to see some more tournaments in town with good structures and rounds that enable you to see more than a few hands.

I am planning a SLC trip today. My sister is coming from Logan to see my daughter and me tomorrow. I think an afternoon of bowling and pizza will be in order tomorrow. I am trying to find excuses not to go, but I owe my lil’sis a visit, she would be disappointed if I cancelled.

The Jazz have clinched a playoff spot due to a GS loss yesterday. I wish it started today, because the Jazz would have a great path to the finals with the brackets in their favor. A few more wins for home court would be nice.


Sunday, April 06, 2008


I have been writing letters of a similar theme all week. It isn’t getting old one bit yet.

Almost nothing to write about in Wendover this week. The poker room is slow and there isn’t much going on.

Bill Cosby was at the concert hall this weekend. I heard the show was good but that coz was showing his age a little. Rick Springfield, of Jesse’s Girl fame, played on Saturday. Brian summed it up best with his reply when I asked him if he went to the show. He said”: Hell, no. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m gay!” It kind of cracked me up.

I went out for the first time in a while. I went to the Wendover Nugget Billiards Bar with Paulin. His wife showed up later and we hung out playing pool for awhile. I played pretty good. It was weird hanging out at the bar and not drinking at all. It was pretty easy, even though Paulin started offering me wild turkey towards the end of the night.

Apparently it got busier after I left, but the casinos didn’t really get going until after 8 or 9 that night.

I could really use a vacation myself soon. June sounds good. Maybe the whole month, who knows? I wish.


Saturday, April 05, 2008

I wish I were in Vegas.....

I think today was a record low. I still made good money because I came in early and pushed a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 2 table tournament on a Friday. We ended up with 4 games – 2 live and 2 tournament at 8:30 tonight.


Where did everyone go? I don’t know, but there weren’t any regulars in today. That is getting kind of regular itself.

The Jazz looked really good tonight in a 20+ point win against the Spurs. I didn’t get to see much at work, so I am waiting for the replay on ESPN.


Friday, April 04, 2008

Just Another Thursday

I am forcing myself to write today. I don’t have much to report about last night. I was looking for a catalyst for a no limit game, but it never appeared. We closed around 2am. I have taken to playing 13 quite a bit with Jerry and Tiff after work. I may host a 13 party in the neat future, I don’t know. I guess that’s all today….. Booooring.

Somebody come in tonight and make it memorable. Nothing to get me fired or anything, but let’s shake it up. A bad beat would be nice for sure.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Smooth Saturday

Well last night was great in the poker room. I started the fourth game when I went in early at 1:00. Thanks everyone for coming out. I loved all the two buck tippers (and more). Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate everyone that throws me a buck while i'm working, but there is just something special about a roomful of multi-buck tippers. It makes my day smoooooooth.

I played 13 again last night with friends. It is a card game for 2-4 players. Pretty fun and fast paced. Basically, you get 13 cards dealt and you are trying to get rid of them by playing singles, pairs etc. and straights. Good strategy game.

Pretty simple day otherwise. I have 2 more days for my truck to be legal, and then the registration expires. I am trying to sell it and buy something smaller and newer. Looks like I might be spending some bicycle time soon.

Let’s hope for a rockin Sunday. The Jazz play early and I work all day. Then, who knows….


Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm still fighting!

I feel better today. I had a rough one yesterday, but I finished it well. Sometimes it helps to just say exactly what is on your mind. Sometimes you talk yourself into a corner, but usually you get your point across. I am a graduate of listening 101 now too. Listening when you talk with someone is probably the single most important thing you can do in a relationship. It is the key, because a lot of the things she’ll tell you are between the lines, and you have to figure it out. If you’re not listening in the first place, you are dead in the water.

I did have a typical Friday otherwise. Average crowd with an average tournament. The $$$ was ok. Two more days like that will be just fine with me. I’d like to see Sunday busy, I hope the March madness doesn’t cut into our business too much. The cigar crowd has been missing so far, and I haven’t heard one guest complain in their absence.

I had a player fold the second nut face up like he was making this great lay down. There were two kings and two eights on the board. This guy didn’t see the eights, and his king he was holding was accompanied by a 4 of 6 or something. He muttered something about being beat and laid it down face up. The other player then showed his king rag and took the whole pot. The poor guy got shit from everybody on that one.

I went dancing in the cabaret after work for awhile and then went home. I’m still going strong on the no booze thing. WORD!

I got to stay strong over these next few months, because I feel like my entire life as I know it is up for grabs. I have hit a major crossroads in my life, and I can go anywhere from here. I lost the one I love to my ignorance, but she is not far away. I have a lot to prove, mostly to myself. But I can do it. You gotta believe in yourself man!


Friday, March 28, 2008

I cant sleep but I still dream of her.

Twelve and three quarters hours of dealing poker last night, and I cant sleep well. I should be exhausted. I finally got to bed around 7:30 this morning, but I am back up for good and it’s just after 11am.

We had a pretty decent no limit game last night. It started out as a 2-5 Limit game with several players holding “over” buttons, which allow them to play no limit if only overs players are left in the hand. It was one of the most solid games I have seen in awhile, in that no one got stuck to ridiculously bad, and we really didn’t see much turnover all night. Most of the players stuck around till the wee hours of the morning. Finally a couple quit and a couple others busted, so we called it a night. It evolved to a 1-2 no limit after we lost the last limit player around midnight or one.

Players. Come to the Rainbow this weekend. Our room is nice, and the bad beat jackpot is getting juicy at around fourteen grand. Plus, I need the money. C’mon – orphans and homeless and stuff.

P90X is still going well. I am about 12 days in and feeling good. It was hard to develop a good routine at first, but I think I am getting the hang of it now. Yoga sucks. Final answer. I am the least flexible person I know. I think I have touched my toes like, never. Unless I bend my knees. I can do that easy….


Thursday, March 27, 2008

What I'm Doin'

I am pretty much done with television. I don’t need it except for sports. I have stopped watching TV entirely. I have been watching several DVD movies, and the workouts I’m doing are all on DVD too, so my monitor wont die of loneliness.

I want to thank all of you, my friends. You know who you are. I have had several people check in on me this week. It’s been really nice, because no one has let me get too lonely. I even had someone special I never expected step up as a friend yesterday and call me to just hang out. It’s nice to know I am still loved. For those of you out there who don’t know, I accept invitations to all dinners, bbq’s, parties, and social excursions on a regular basis. Great fun, yeah.

I made it to the golf course for the first time in a long while with Chef Joe the other day. I just hit a bucket of balls to see where I am at. I love going to the driving range, because I almost always get some comment on how hard I crush the ball. I just wish I had some control over the damn thing.

I am kicking ass in the furniture department. RC Willeys called me the other day to set the delivery of the rest of my couch for April 1st. I deadpanned to the guy “No Joke?” Don’t worry; it took him a minute to get the reference too. Not that good….

My poker table is done and ready for a challenge. I will be hosting a sit n go next week sometime. I’m thinking full out BBQ too. BYOB ‘cuz I aint drinkin. Not till Fathers Day. Tuesday or Wednesday. Night next week probably.

Well, today kicks off another week of work at the Rainbow Casino. Texas Hold’em Poker on a Thursday night. I hope we get 2 games tonight. We need to establish a good no limit game during the week. I think we just need a couple of regulars to glue the thing together. Maybe we could come up with a comp or two for some guys to stay during the week. Something to kick start business a little. It was good last week; I got plenty of hours last Thursday.

I miss the girls. Things sure are quiet around here.


Monday, March 24, 2008

No Woman No Party No Cry

I don’t even know who this long private letter is to anymore. I feel a need to write, but to whom do I show it? My problems seem so personal, do I dare share them? I think not, as my personal life should be semi private when it comes to matters of love. Let’s just say that it’s been a rough few weeks and I’m tired. I think my friend may be right when he says that an artist needs to suffer to be productive. I haven’t written anything to be published for a while, so here goes.

I am on a 90 day personal introspection. No Booze. No Dessert. Exercise Everyday. I started doing P90X, a 90 day fitness program to aggressively train myself into shape. I am a week into it and feeling it. It is hard to do an hour or two every day, but i'm sticking with it and seeing improvements already. My goal is to be super fit by father’s day. I am definitely throwing a big party when I’m done to celebrate.

Work has been a little strange, slowing waaaay down since the last spectrum tournaments a week or two ago. Easter didn’t help, as the weather was too nice for most people to bother coming in. I did benefit from several generous quirks in my favor in the lineup the past few days. I have mixed emotions about our Saturday tournament, because it has really cut into my hours this week. I hope we pick up some and it does well. $50 buy in and one $50 rebuy allowed for anyone interested in a good Texas hold 'em tournament at the rainbow casino. It starts at 8:30pm Saturday night, with signups starting at 7:30pm.

2/3rds of my new couch is here. I got what they thought was the last set from RC Willeys, and 1 of its 3 pieces was the wrong color and had to be special ordered. 6 to 8 Weeks they say I have to wait. Pretty nice pieces though. It works for now.

My daughter came out for the week and having her around for a while has been great. I will be sad to see her go tomorrow.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

I finally got with the program

I gots me a myspace. Check it out kids!


No Woman No Cry

I just woke up. We went to see Carlos Mencia last night. Just to be nice. She bought the beers to keep it friendly. I definitely took advantage and had a pretty good night. Mencia was definitely the man! Funny as hell, and he blended alot of local based humor about the salt flats and the lds's.

Today's my friday, and then I'm off for a couple of days. I sure hope the dynamat shows up for my truck. I picked the worst ebayer in the world to buy from. Thats what I get for being in a hurry. The Rainbow Casino has been pretty busy as of late, and we have a big tournament week starting march 5th. Should be prety good from here on out. It has been tough lately because of the quality and quantity of games. No limit has really picked up, so Rainbow is definitely the place for the big game.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Need NBA Now.

I’m having a serious basketball Jones right now. I miss the Jazz. It’s always around this time of year when my regular reading material is only posted once a week. I usually read Dime Magazine blog, Tribune Jazz Page, Deseret News Jazz Page,, and There is not much going on, except that Adonal Foyle got bought out by the Warriors. I hope he doesn’t end up in a Jazz uni.

Props to you Matt. Watch your back over there.

I’m still doin' Wednesday sit n go’s at the Rainbow. Come on out and check it. $55 bucks is all. We’ve got a good no limit game developing on Wednesdays too. The boss just made a most excellent announcement; Friday’s tournament will be restructured to $50, 1k in chips, no rebuys. The blinds start at 5 and 10, so it should be good. I want to play it!

Feel free to comment or ask questions on this blog. I love feedback.


Thursday, August 02, 2007

I skipped July...

Im dealing sit and go's every wednesday night after 8pm at the Rainbow Casino in Wendover, Nevada. $55 buy in gets you in a 10 player no-limit texas hold'em tournament. 1000 chips, 25-50 blinds to start, doubling every 15 mins. Pays 3 places- $275 first, $150 second, and $75 for third. Come check it out.


Friday, June 01, 2007

The latest from Wendover

Thanks for the email Wes, it got me to write a little here. I think I owe everyone an update on the current conditions here in Wendover.

Next Thursday (06/07/07) we are having another WSOP Satellite, a $150 buy in for a shot at the main event. It starts at 7pm, but you need to get there early to guarantee a seat. Weve been filling up every time. About 3pm is a good cutoff, but no guarantees.

Rainbow/Peppermill/Montego Bay Have announced plans to build a new Italian themed resort tentatively named “Tuscan”. It will be located between Montego Bay and The Concert Hall just east of the Peppermill. It will actually be built where the street exists now and the entire road from just past the water tower west of the Nugget to the intersection of highway 93 will be moved south into the area they are currently filling in. It involved a land swap deal with the city which has already been approved by city council. It pretty much sounds like a done deal, and knowing the owners, it will be top of the line. I’ve seen some drawings and it looks pretty nice.

The second major development is being done on the west end of town and up around the golf course. The plans call for homes, condos, and a major casino. Plans for all can be seen at I hope they hurry, because I think a little competition would be good for Wendover. Some new homes would be nice too.

Lets talk about the new city hall. Will it ever get built? I saw a ground breaking ceremony in March, but I haven’t seen any ground broken since. The picture sure looks nice though. I believe it will add alot to the community, so get it going!

Stay tuned.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Its getting really warm...

Holy Shit! It’s 70 outside, and its still March. Either the groundhog is really right, or this global warming thing is true. Maybe the earth is just trying to get rid of us parasites. I know how we screwed up, drilling and digging, burning everything up. It was over when we discovered how to make fire. I just wonder how the dinosaurs screwed up. I haven’t heard anything about fossilized matches…

Work is a trip as always. I got hit in the head by two cards yesterday. That was a first. I didn’t even flip out. I probably could have.

I read somewhere that ace-x (where x = any card from two to nine, suited or not) is called the tourist, because only a tourist will play it. We sure have a lot of tourists in wendover. I was paying off ace-x all day long yesterday. You could just about forget winning with pocket aces with me in the box yesterday. My favorite was when aces underraised preflop and gave away their entire $600 stack on the 2-5-6 rainblow flop. Yep. Donkey with aces goes all in. Savvy opportunist with 3-4 off calls the all in. Saw the twenty preflop for pot odds and hit the nuts. The $600 bet to win $100 just killed me. Only person who calls you is the one who beats you.

I swear to god I dealt to a scout troop and their scoutmaster yesterday. I guess they were all over 21, but they sure acted like they were tenderfoots working on their poker merit badge.

I splurged and got me some Ping Eye Two Irons on ebay. I think the temperature is getting to me.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Back in time for spring

Well loyal readers, a lot has happened since October. I am still working at the Rainbow, riding a crest of dealing bad beats. It’s been two this year already, including the $47,000 Omaha jackpot and a $7500 hold’em jackpot last week. I’m enjoying my new house and the people in it. I have several remodeling projects going, all at my own speed. I thought I HAD GIVEN UP ON BLOGGING, but I’ve had the urge again, so here goes one last try.

Last weekend I was dealing No Limit, specifically to a woman I’ll call Betty. Betty was a middle aged woman in a cowboy hat. She was very outgoing, talking to the entire table quite a bit. She was showing off a picture of her daughter that was being used as her screensaver on her phone. After inspecting the photo for several seconds, the quiet kid next to her, barely 21 and also wearing a cowboy hat deadpanned “I’d hit that” and handed the phone back. The entire table lost it. I needed a Kleenex, I was laughing so hard.

Monday was a trip too. It was my Friday, and I expected to be slow since Montego has a $17,000 bad beat jackpot. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Marina had come in with me to visit, and with her and a few other dealers who had shown up, we had a game. Talk quickly went to Carl, who wasn’t there that day. We were all enjoying Carl stories, usually relating to some new idea he had to make money. I remembered aloud the time he was selling the gasoline additives for increased gas mileage. Louis got some for a drive to Las Vegas, and Carl delivered it to him in capsule form, in a pill bottle labeled for male enhancement pills. The Viagra for the car line had the place cackling.

Marina inspired awe in all of the other dealers when her set over set turned to a bigger boat and took down the largest pot of the new game so far. She left early, taking a good chunk with her. She has been playing very well lately, finishing in the money on Friday at the Montego Bay noon tournament. I had a good night there on Sunday, drinking my way into an easy $250 profit. We have been bad beat chasing up there, since it is over $17,000.

What can I say about the Jazz…? Five wins in a row, 13 of 15. Division all but clinched.

Vegas next week anyone?


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Open Bar

I’ve found myself alone again with some time to write before I go to work. I had a great night last night. I worked at 5pm and was out by 11 for Paula’s going away party at the Nugget. Work was really fast last night… It seemed like everything was running quick and smooth all night.

I had one tough call (not really) I had to make on a guy we’ll call “Player A”. It condemned him to the rail for being too loose lipped. Late in the tournament the player to the right of Player A had just pushed all in. Player A looked at his cards and said “all in”. Player A then put his cards down as if he were going to muck. It turns out he was just thinking aloud, but the only two words out of his mouth was “all in”. What am I gonna do? I’ve got to have standards. I enforced his verbal declaration and had the players expose their hands because the action was complete. I think he had a 5 high or something. The other guy turned over 2 pair, had Player A out chipped and held on to win. Bye Bye. Sorry. He was pissed, for sure, swearing at everyone on the way out.

I almost choked on a laugh when I pushed in at the next table, where two guys who were new to the game (trust me, it was painfully obvious), tried whispering to each other during a hand they were both involved in. When one of them said fold it to the other, I almost fell out of my chair. Everyone could hear them, but they still thought they were getting away with it. Before I even said a word the entire table verbally jumped their asses, letting them know that cheating was bad. After that everything ran smoothly.

I swear to god the next player that tells me to shut up and deal is gonna get it somehow. I’m still trying to think of a way to handle that without losing my job. I need some form of creative torture to get even with them. It can’t affect the integrity of the game and it cant get me fired… any ideas?

My amor and I had a little hangover from last night, but it wasn’t anything that breakfast at the Red Garter couldn’t fix.

We had fun looking for the car the night before, searching two parking lots before finding it. Marina kept apologizing, but I didn’t mind at all. It is always a pleasure to walk around town with a beautiful woman on your arm.

NBA Training camp opens October 3rd for the Jazz. FINALLY!

If you like $$$, take the Colts, Cowboys and Packers on Sunday and Monday.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Watch Out Florida!

Its time.

Time for vacation.

Time for a post.

Yes, its true sports fans…. I’m posting again. I have so much to tell…. Where do I start? Maybe with the $30000+ bad beat at the Rainbow. Maybe with the killer hot streak I’ve been on betting NFL football. Maybe with my vacation to Orlando coming up in ten days. Maybe with the love of my life….

Yeah, I said it, the love of my life. Marina is the best thing to ever happen to me in this millennium. That is why I am going to Orlando with her for a week in October. I don’t know why we picked Orlando. It just sounded fun, and the price was right. I’ve never been to the east coast or Florida, and Marina has never been on vacation (NEVER). I found everything on They are having a $100 off any booking of 3 nights or more until October 8th to celebrate their tenth year in business. Happy birthday and thanks a lot Expedia!

Marina and I have been faithfully attending the Monday night football parties hosted by the rainbow casino. We each bet $10 and usually take the underdog and the “under” on the points. It’s been working well so far. I am also picking winners like crazy, winning 8 out of my last 9 bets, including several 2 teamers and a 3 teamer last weekend. I hope my luck continues for the entire year.

Work has been good at the Rainbow, and the bad beat jackpot has been jacked all the way up to over $30000. I need to hit it or deal it. I haven’t been playing much as of late, so I guess I have to deal it. Ill keep you all posted.

My apologies to everyone (Matt, Mitch, Joe, anyone else?). I’ve fallen out of touch with over the summer. Go ahead and blame the girl, I don’t care. I love her.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm Sorry for my Lack of Dedication!

Well, it’s been a long while, and looking back, there are a lot of “been awhile” posts. I don’t know if I have quit blogging altogether or am just taking the summer off. I think it is the latter. Keep checking back, I will crank it up more when the weather gets cold.

Just as an excuse for my slacking, I offer the following apology. What can I say…? I’m in love. I met the most wonderful woman, and she makes me happy. We're together so much, I can’t take the time to type. I’ll work it in more as much as I can.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Baseball in the Summer

I’m sitting at a Salt Lake Bees baseball game, waiting for it to start. Some sort of infield delay I guess. C’mon, it’s a Triple A minor league game. There was some major rain here in SLC last night or something, but that’s no reason to hold up the whole game.

I’ve been away from my blog for awhile for a very good reason. For those of you that don’t know, I am in love with the most amazing woman. Its crazy and it makes you do funny things. I haven’t been inclined to write anything for the past few weeks since I’ve been spending most of my free time with her, and mentioning anything about that would get my ass kicked if I were to write about it…

I owe everyone an apology for not finishing my Vegas trip report. I’ll try, but no guarantees. Work has been good lately, with lots of action on the weekends. I’ll try to post more about it.

Kamar went to Vegas this past week and played in the main event of the WSOP. I’ll have more details on that as they become available.