Sunday, October 01, 2006

Open Bar

I’ve found myself alone again with some time to write before I go to work. I had a great night last night. I worked at 5pm and was out by 11 for Paula’s going away party at the Nugget. Work was really fast last night… It seemed like everything was running quick and smooth all night.

I had one tough call (not really) I had to make on a guy we’ll call “Player A”. It condemned him to the rail for being too loose lipped. Late in the tournament the player to the right of Player A had just pushed all in. Player A looked at his cards and said “all in”. Player A then put his cards down as if he were going to muck. It turns out he was just thinking aloud, but the only two words out of his mouth was “all in”. What am I gonna do? I’ve got to have standards. I enforced his verbal declaration and had the players expose their hands because the action was complete. I think he had a 5 high or something. The other guy turned over 2 pair, had Player A out chipped and held on to win. Bye Bye. Sorry. He was pissed, for sure, swearing at everyone on the way out.

I almost choked on a laugh when I pushed in at the next table, where two guys who were new to the game (trust me, it was painfully obvious), tried whispering to each other during a hand they were both involved in. When one of them said fold it to the other, I almost fell out of my chair. Everyone could hear them, but they still thought they were getting away with it. Before I even said a word the entire table verbally jumped their asses, letting them know that cheating was bad. After that everything ran smoothly.

I swear to god the next player that tells me to shut up and deal is gonna get it somehow. I’m still trying to think of a way to handle that without losing my job. I need some form of creative torture to get even with them. It can’t affect the integrity of the game and it cant get me fired… any ideas?

My amor and I had a little hangover from last night, but it wasn’t anything that breakfast at the Red Garter couldn’t fix.

We had fun looking for the car the night before, searching two parking lots before finding it. Marina kept apologizing, but I didn’t mind at all. It is always a pleasure to walk around town with a beautiful woman on your arm.

NBA Training camp opens October 3rd for the Jazz. FINALLY!

If you like $$$, take the Colts, Cowboys and Packers on Sunday and Monday.