Friday, July 08, 2011


Tipping is tricky. You rely on them for your income, and when the money isn't coming it makes the night seem very long. Last night was like that. I had a few Georges but everyone else was a stiff. How do you teach them? I have a few ideas, but the best way is by example. Check out the link...

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Camping Cleanup

I finally unwound my tents from the Echo trip and set them up in the garage to dry out. They were still a little wet and a lot dirty. I want to keep them up for next time. I had to waste well over a 12 pack of coronas, it almost made me cry. I put some uncooked hamburgers in the cooler in a box on top of the beer and then forgot about it for a day or two. You know the rest of that story. I had to dump them in the garbage outside, which had just been emptied. When they hit the bottom of the can, glass went flying everywhere. I just kept my head down and waited for it to stop. I actually drove the hamburger to the dump, it was so bad. Should've drank the beer at Echo... I am ready for another trip!


The last few weeks have been interesting. I quit the Rainbow. It was just too hard to watch them destroy the room. I hope everyone lands on their feet from this one. I had to bail early. I was able to get a swing shift dealing job back at the Nugget. It is my fifth? time working there. Had to do it. Better schedule and more money. more flexibility too. Rainbow took all the fun out of poker. Now I get to screw around and deal like I want too. Plus Rainbow shrinking guaranteed we'd get more action up the street.

Went to Echo reservoir last week. DISASTER! It rained, and I wasn't able to make much back on my investment. Next time... I'm already looking into houses for Vegas.

Props to Casey, the grave supervisor at Montego Bay. He spent like $600 of his own money to put on a fireworks show for us out at the salt flats. Pretty epic. Town is also full of new students, a lot of people made it out to the BBQ before the fireworks.

Next big thing is Lagoon on Tuesday. Unless a party breaks out over the weekend. I'll keep you posted.