Sunday, March 30, 2008

Smooth Saturday

Well last night was great in the poker room. I started the fourth game when I went in early at 1:00. Thanks everyone for coming out. I loved all the two buck tippers (and more). Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate everyone that throws me a buck while i'm working, but there is just something special about a roomful of multi-buck tippers. It makes my day smoooooooth.

I played 13 again last night with friends. It is a card game for 2-4 players. Pretty fun and fast paced. Basically, you get 13 cards dealt and you are trying to get rid of them by playing singles, pairs etc. and straights. Good strategy game.

Pretty simple day otherwise. I have 2 more days for my truck to be legal, and then the registration expires. I am trying to sell it and buy something smaller and newer. Looks like I might be spending some bicycle time soon.

Let’s hope for a rockin Sunday. The Jazz play early and I work all day. Then, who knows….


Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm still fighting!

I feel better today. I had a rough one yesterday, but I finished it well. Sometimes it helps to just say exactly what is on your mind. Sometimes you talk yourself into a corner, but usually you get your point across. I am a graduate of listening 101 now too. Listening when you talk with someone is probably the single most important thing you can do in a relationship. It is the key, because a lot of the things she’ll tell you are between the lines, and you have to figure it out. If you’re not listening in the first place, you are dead in the water.

I did have a typical Friday otherwise. Average crowd with an average tournament. The $$$ was ok. Two more days like that will be just fine with me. I’d like to see Sunday busy, I hope the March madness doesn’t cut into our business too much. The cigar crowd has been missing so far, and I haven’t heard one guest complain in their absence.

I had a player fold the second nut face up like he was making this great lay down. There were two kings and two eights on the board. This guy didn’t see the eights, and his king he was holding was accompanied by a 4 of 6 or something. He muttered something about being beat and laid it down face up. The other player then showed his king rag and took the whole pot. The poor guy got shit from everybody on that one.

I went dancing in the cabaret after work for awhile and then went home. I’m still going strong on the no booze thing. WORD!

I got to stay strong over these next few months, because I feel like my entire life as I know it is up for grabs. I have hit a major crossroads in my life, and I can go anywhere from here. I lost the one I love to my ignorance, but she is not far away. I have a lot to prove, mostly to myself. But I can do it. You gotta believe in yourself man!


Friday, March 28, 2008

I cant sleep but I still dream of her.

Twelve and three quarters hours of dealing poker last night, and I cant sleep well. I should be exhausted. I finally got to bed around 7:30 this morning, but I am back up for good and it’s just after 11am.

We had a pretty decent no limit game last night. It started out as a 2-5 Limit game with several players holding “over” buttons, which allow them to play no limit if only overs players are left in the hand. It was one of the most solid games I have seen in awhile, in that no one got stuck to ridiculously bad, and we really didn’t see much turnover all night. Most of the players stuck around till the wee hours of the morning. Finally a couple quit and a couple others busted, so we called it a night. It evolved to a 1-2 no limit after we lost the last limit player around midnight or one.

Players. Come to the Rainbow this weekend. Our room is nice, and the bad beat jackpot is getting juicy at around fourteen grand. Plus, I need the money. C’mon – orphans and homeless and stuff.

P90X is still going well. I am about 12 days in and feeling good. It was hard to develop a good routine at first, but I think I am getting the hang of it now. Yoga sucks. Final answer. I am the least flexible person I know. I think I have touched my toes like, never. Unless I bend my knees. I can do that easy….


Thursday, March 27, 2008

What I'm Doin'

I am pretty much done with television. I don’t need it except for sports. I have stopped watching TV entirely. I have been watching several DVD movies, and the workouts I’m doing are all on DVD too, so my monitor wont die of loneliness.

I want to thank all of you, my friends. You know who you are. I have had several people check in on me this week. It’s been really nice, because no one has let me get too lonely. I even had someone special I never expected step up as a friend yesterday and call me to just hang out. It’s nice to know I am still loved. For those of you out there who don’t know, I accept invitations to all dinners, bbq’s, parties, and social excursions on a regular basis. Great fun, yeah.

I made it to the golf course for the first time in a long while with Chef Joe the other day. I just hit a bucket of balls to see where I am at. I love going to the driving range, because I almost always get some comment on how hard I crush the ball. I just wish I had some control over the damn thing.

I am kicking ass in the furniture department. RC Willeys called me the other day to set the delivery of the rest of my couch for April 1st. I deadpanned to the guy “No Joke?” Don’t worry; it took him a minute to get the reference too. Not that good….

My poker table is done and ready for a challenge. I will be hosting a sit n go next week sometime. I’m thinking full out BBQ too. BYOB ‘cuz I aint drinkin. Not till Fathers Day. Tuesday or Wednesday. Night next week probably.

Well, today kicks off another week of work at the Rainbow Casino. Texas Hold’em Poker on a Thursday night. I hope we get 2 games tonight. We need to establish a good no limit game during the week. I think we just need a couple of regulars to glue the thing together. Maybe we could come up with a comp or two for some guys to stay during the week. Something to kick start business a little. It was good last week; I got plenty of hours last Thursday.

I miss the girls. Things sure are quiet around here.


Monday, March 24, 2008

No Woman No Party No Cry

I don’t even know who this long private letter is to anymore. I feel a need to write, but to whom do I show it? My problems seem so personal, do I dare share them? I think not, as my personal life should be semi private when it comes to matters of love. Let’s just say that it’s been a rough few weeks and I’m tired. I think my friend may be right when he says that an artist needs to suffer to be productive. I haven’t written anything to be published for a while, so here goes.

I am on a 90 day personal introspection. No Booze. No Dessert. Exercise Everyday. I started doing P90X, a 90 day fitness program to aggressively train myself into shape. I am a week into it and feeling it. It is hard to do an hour or two every day, but i'm sticking with it and seeing improvements already. My goal is to be super fit by father’s day. I am definitely throwing a big party when I’m done to celebrate.

Work has been a little strange, slowing waaaay down since the last spectrum tournaments a week or two ago. Easter didn’t help, as the weather was too nice for most people to bother coming in. I did benefit from several generous quirks in my favor in the lineup the past few days. I have mixed emotions about our Saturday tournament, because it has really cut into my hours this week. I hope we pick up some and it does well. $50 buy in and one $50 rebuy allowed for anyone interested in a good Texas hold 'em tournament at the rainbow casino. It starts at 8:30pm Saturday night, with signups starting at 7:30pm.

2/3rds of my new couch is here. I got what they thought was the last set from RC Willeys, and 1 of its 3 pieces was the wrong color and had to be special ordered. 6 to 8 Weeks they say I have to wait. Pretty nice pieces though. It works for now.

My daughter came out for the week and having her around for a while has been great. I will be sad to see her go tomorrow.