Thursday, March 27, 2008

What I'm Doin'

I am pretty much done with television. I don’t need it except for sports. I have stopped watching TV entirely. I have been watching several DVD movies, and the workouts I’m doing are all on DVD too, so my monitor wont die of loneliness.

I want to thank all of you, my friends. You know who you are. I have had several people check in on me this week. It’s been really nice, because no one has let me get too lonely. I even had someone special I never expected step up as a friend yesterday and call me to just hang out. It’s nice to know I am still loved. For those of you out there who don’t know, I accept invitations to all dinners, bbq’s, parties, and social excursions on a regular basis. Great fun, yeah.

I made it to the golf course for the first time in a long while with Chef Joe the other day. I just hit a bucket of balls to see where I am at. I love going to the driving range, because I almost always get some comment on how hard I crush the ball. I just wish I had some control over the damn thing.

I am kicking ass in the furniture department. RC Willeys called me the other day to set the delivery of the rest of my couch for April 1st. I deadpanned to the guy “No Joke?” Don’t worry; it took him a minute to get the reference too. Not that good….

My poker table is done and ready for a challenge. I will be hosting a sit n go next week sometime. I’m thinking full out BBQ too. BYOB ‘cuz I aint drinkin. Not till Fathers Day. Tuesday or Wednesday. Night next week probably.

Well, today kicks off another week of work at the Rainbow Casino. Texas Hold’em Poker on a Thursday night. I hope we get 2 games tonight. We need to establish a good no limit game during the week. I think we just need a couple of regulars to glue the thing together. Maybe we could come up with a comp or two for some guys to stay during the week. Something to kick start business a little. It was good last week; I got plenty of hours last Thursday.

I miss the girls. Things sure are quiet around here.


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