Monday, March 24, 2008

No Woman No Party No Cry

I don’t even know who this long private letter is to anymore. I feel a need to write, but to whom do I show it? My problems seem so personal, do I dare share them? I think not, as my personal life should be semi private when it comes to matters of love. Let’s just say that it’s been a rough few weeks and I’m tired. I think my friend may be right when he says that an artist needs to suffer to be productive. I haven’t written anything to be published for a while, so here goes.

I am on a 90 day personal introspection. No Booze. No Dessert. Exercise Everyday. I started doing P90X, a 90 day fitness program to aggressively train myself into shape. I am a week into it and feeling it. It is hard to do an hour or two every day, but i'm sticking with it and seeing improvements already. My goal is to be super fit by father’s day. I am definitely throwing a big party when I’m done to celebrate.

Work has been a little strange, slowing waaaay down since the last spectrum tournaments a week or two ago. Easter didn’t help, as the weather was too nice for most people to bother coming in. I did benefit from several generous quirks in my favor in the lineup the past few days. I have mixed emotions about our Saturday tournament, because it has really cut into my hours this week. I hope we pick up some and it does well. $50 buy in and one $50 rebuy allowed for anyone interested in a good Texas hold 'em tournament at the rainbow casino. It starts at 8:30pm Saturday night, with signups starting at 7:30pm.

2/3rds of my new couch is here. I got what they thought was the last set from RC Willeys, and 1 of its 3 pieces was the wrong color and had to be special ordered. 6 to 8 Weeks they say I have to wait. Pretty nice pieces though. It works for now.

My daughter came out for the week and having her around for a while has been great. I will be sad to see her go tomorrow.


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