Sunday, February 24, 2008

I finally got with the program

I gots me a myspace. Check it out kids!


No Woman No Cry

I just woke up. We went to see Carlos Mencia last night. Just to be nice. She bought the beers to keep it friendly. I definitely took advantage and had a pretty good night. Mencia was definitely the man! Funny as hell, and he blended alot of local based humor about the salt flats and the lds's.

Today's my friday, and then I'm off for a couple of days. I sure hope the dynamat shows up for my truck. I picked the worst ebayer in the world to buy from. Thats what I get for being in a hurry. The Rainbow Casino has been pretty busy as of late, and we have a big tournament week starting march 5th. Should be prety good from here on out. It has been tough lately because of the quality and quantity of games. No limit has really picked up, so Rainbow is definitely the place for the big game.