Sunday, March 30, 2008

Smooth Saturday

Well last night was great in the poker room. I started the fourth game when I went in early at 1:00. Thanks everyone for coming out. I loved all the two buck tippers (and more). Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate everyone that throws me a buck while i'm working, but there is just something special about a roomful of multi-buck tippers. It makes my day smoooooooth.

I played 13 again last night with friends. It is a card game for 2-4 players. Pretty fun and fast paced. Basically, you get 13 cards dealt and you are trying to get rid of them by playing singles, pairs etc. and straights. Good strategy game.

Pretty simple day otherwise. I have 2 more days for my truck to be legal, and then the registration expires. I am trying to sell it and buy something smaller and newer. Looks like I might be spending some bicycle time soon.

Let’s hope for a rockin Sunday. The Jazz play early and I work all day. Then, who knows….


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