Saturday, November 12, 2011

November Nights

Good night in the poker room last night. Off at 1am, perfect time for my "after shifter", the free beer I get when I work - thank you Nugget. Ran into Jody and Kim right away and I knew I was in trouble. If you are gonna have a beer with Jody, you're probably going to have 20. We did pretty much that - drinking Coronas 'till nobody was ugly. Tim was there too but had to depart early due to passed out girlfriend in the chair syndrome. Spent an hour or two at the sportsbar/dancefloor watching a dance? battle between a kid jerking everywhere (he was pretty good too) and another dude who looked like a triple gold medalist at the Paraguayan special olympics. Tight polo shirt tucked into some khakis that came up to his nipples. Kept waving his hand to the jerkin guy like Oprah waving in a plateful of seconds. Comical stuff. We had an Annie Lennox look alike contest last night too, there were a couple tall blondes with crew cuts hanging out. Not even together either. We choked on our beers when the spunky one on the dance floor grabbed her date and dragged him to who knows where. Poor guy was half her size and twice her age, kind of a cross between Moby and the singer in REM - so wasted he could barely stand. Cute couple. Once the herd thinned out we headed to the martini bar for a visit to bartender Shane. Shane does not pour tequila shots. Shane pours glasses of tequila. Three fingers later and I am feeling pretty good. Passed the time talking about our past and upcoming cruises and poker stuff. I miss NBA highlights on Sportscenter. It's November dammit!!!

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