Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Quick Exit

I finished the tournament last night in record time. I believe I was out in the first round, probably 5 or 6 hands in. No focus. I should have stayed around. Last night was very slow in Wendover and I’m wondering what’s up. I think we have lost a lot of business to the home games in Salt Lake. I know players don’t just quit, so they’ve got to be somewhere. All the dealers from around town were stopping in to see if we had any action going because their rooms were quiet too. Kind of eerie. I hope it’s busier tonight because I have a 6pm start again and Ill be one of the first ones out – I want to work late!

We started the Spin the Wheel promotion yesterday. Basically, it goes like this – get your aces cracked, or have a hand of aces full or better and you get to spin the giant wheel. It’s about 4 ½ feet around and has spaces from $20 up to $100, Steakhouse dinners for two, and free Jacuzzi suites. It hit twice in the first hour when I came in last night, so there definitely will be some free money flowing at work now. That is a very good thing! We’re even adding extra money for straight flushes and royals. Get in while you can.

Lakers Jazz rematch in SLC. Stay tuned.


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Ryan Nagy said...

Hey Jeff - good to see that you are still blogging. You should get paid! Reading your stuff makes me want to head out to Wendover. I haven't been in over a year (lame, lame, lame)

- Ryan