Saturday, March 24, 2007

Its getting really warm...

Holy Shit! It’s 70 outside, and its still March. Either the groundhog is really right, or this global warming thing is true. Maybe the earth is just trying to get rid of us parasites. I know how we screwed up, drilling and digging, burning everything up. It was over when we discovered how to make fire. I just wonder how the dinosaurs screwed up. I haven’t heard anything about fossilized matches…

Work is a trip as always. I got hit in the head by two cards yesterday. That was a first. I didn’t even flip out. I probably could have.

I read somewhere that ace-x (where x = any card from two to nine, suited or not) is called the tourist, because only a tourist will play it. We sure have a lot of tourists in wendover. I was paying off ace-x all day long yesterday. You could just about forget winning with pocket aces with me in the box yesterday. My favorite was when aces underraised preflop and gave away their entire $600 stack on the 2-5-6 rainblow flop. Yep. Donkey with aces goes all in. Savvy opportunist with 3-4 off calls the all in. Saw the twenty preflop for pot odds and hit the nuts. The $600 bet to win $100 just killed me. Only person who calls you is the one who beats you.

I swear to god I dealt to a scout troop and their scoutmaster yesterday. I guess they were all over 21, but they sure acted like they were tenderfoots working on their poker merit badge.

I splurged and got me some Ping Eye Two Irons on ebay. I think the temperature is getting to me.

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Anonymous said...

Dude you cant let people hit you in the head with a card, just stand up and kick em in the ass. So when you want to go to Vegas I have been itching to go for a few weeks now. This is the guy who you use to come see when you were in SLC.