Saturday, June 03, 2006

Follow the White Rabbit

I won again. Only $30, but I’ve been picking good lately. I bet the under on the Heat-Detroit game. I think it will be a Heat-Dallas Finals, but I’m not sure. Tonight might tell.

Straight home after work last night, I played PokerStars right when I got through the door. I took second in a $5 single table. I played a $5, 27 player multi with Joe afterwards. No money to be found there. I was out 12th or so. I did finish ahead a few dollars for the night.

I’m watching the original Matrix movie. I forgot how badass some of the scenes in this thing are. If any of you listened and rented Grandma’s Boy, watch the Matrix. You’ll get the whole black outfit thing. That programmer does a pretty good imitation. Oh, yeah, take the red pill, not the blue…..

And remember, there is no spoon.


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