Friday, June 02, 2006

Lazy Friday, Woke Up Early for Golf

Man, you gotta see Grandma’s Boy. It just came out on DVD. I watched it last night and almost crapped my pants laughing. The best part has to be the fat kid hanging with the playboy model all night at the house party, rubbing on her generous orbs for 13 hours. Or the lion getting loose. I’m not sure which, but I’m taking a poll. I just wish Adam Sandler wasn’t such a pussy. He could’ve done more than produce. I guess he must be worried about his image. That should tell you right there that it is funny as hell. Definitely not for children.

I am sick of golf tournaments here in Wendover. Every time I try to go out golfing, they’re having some generic “Dave’s Plumbing and Heating” or “Ed’s Outhouse Construction” golf tournament. Goddammit, I’m local. I want priority. I know at least $7 of my sales tax went to the golf course, and I want justice. Or a tee time. Whatever.

I need a taco.

Maybe the gut truck is open…..

Dallas looked good last night putting the Suns away. I picked them to go all the way at the beginning, and it’s starting to look like I might be right.

I work at 5pm tonight, and I’m looking forward to it. I think I have one shirt left for work. If anyone knows a good maid/laundry doer, let me know. Hey, I just am too busy to get around to mundane tasks.


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