Tuesday, June 06, 2006


After partying the night away with Rick, Kamar and Nykky last night, I spent today golfing and drinking free beer at the employee appreciation tournament for the Rainbow, Peppermill and Montego Bay. It was a blast, even though I had to get up at 7:40 this morning. I was paired with Fernando, my old roommate Peter and Shane, a complete unknown. We drew the 4th hole for the shotgun start, and it was on from there. We met the first beer girl at the sixth hole. I had made a commitment to not drink while golfing this year, trying to improve my game. Today was a major exception to that rule. We took full advantage of the 1 club length rule to improve your lie (it was a best ball tournament). I think we birdied every hole. At least that’s what we wrote down. We came in around 15 under. The winning team claimed they shot a 46 or 48. Yeah right. It didn’t really matter since we were there for fun, not the competition. I was having a great time, playing the part of Stiffler from American Pie for the day. All you need to do to pull off a Stiffler impression is to question everyone’s manhood, pull constant practical jokes and combine regular words with profanity at least every other sentence. Somehow I pulled it off and we ended up having a great time. We finished up around 3 pm. After the awards ceremony Fernando, Peter and I headed to the Nugget to play pool. Actually they played pool while I stuffed my face, eating a foot long Subway Club sandwich and a full order of Mongolian beef from the Chinese joint upstairs. I was starving! I didn’t make it much longer after that, so I stumbled home for a much needed nap. I was supposed to get up for a poker tournament around 7, but that didn’t happen. I did get up around 9 or so and watched the news while playing a 180 player sit n go on PokerStars. I finished 60th, way out of the money. I’m going to try again right after I finish this post.

Hey Rick, sorry if I got you in trouble with your girl, tell her the blog is fiction……


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