Monday, April 03, 2006

A Weak Attempt at Live Blogging Last Tuesday

Note: This post was forgotten, it should have gone up last tuesday.

Today’s Highlights:

7:52 AM
I’m on the way to Salt Lake City as we speak… KC and Marina are my road mates, and it is way too early to be up, but I am anyway. Girls have a funny way of convincing you to do what they want. I just finished looking up the lyrics to “Work it” by Missy Elliot. We all wondered what it was that she was saying backwards, and it turned out that it was really nothing. The rest of the song is pretty crazy, just a bit dirtier than I expected.

I found out that Ray took second and Roland took first in the WSOP seat tournament. I’m glad that regular customers won it. The craziest was when I started dealing at Ray’s table right after the break, He had only 450 in chips left, and the blinds were 75-150. He was severely short stacked. Right before the tournament resumed after the break, I sat at his table and asked everyone if they were happy. Ray responded and said that he’d be happier if I gave him some good cards. I picked a couple of aces out of the deck and tossed them to him. We had a good laugh, but I’ll be damned if he didn’t get pocket aces 3 hands later, then kings right after that. He went on a tear, turning that 450 into four or five thousand chips before I left and that was just half an hour. I guess I feel responsible for sparking his comeback. I’m glad he was able to do something with it.

10:50 AM
KC was right; girls in the dentist’s office are hot. Almost always. He is at the dentist across town, while I’m here with Marina at the other dentist. I am scared to death of them. I think it’s because of the questions the dentist asks. They must get lonely talking to themselves. Have you ever tried to answer a question with pliers or fingers in your mouth? Very difficult. Maybe that’s why I don’t trust them. How can you trust a guy with your health when he’s dumb enough to ask questions you can’t physically answer?

And, the daily recap….
Well, this is my first attempt at live blogging, and it didn’t go to well. I did however have an awesome day. We had a poker dealer party at Rodizio Grill in Trolley Square. It was one of the best meals I've had in a long time, a Brazilian style buffet. They would come around with some of the best meats I’ve ever had. The bacon wrapped turkey had to be my favorite. We finished up the day at the movies, watching V is for Vengeance. It reminded me vaguely of Orwell’s 1984. I tried to discuss that point with everyone, but no one else has read it. Unbelievable.


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