Monday, April 03, 2006

April Fools Post.....No Joke!

“Come on funny feeling!” Frank exclaimed as he moved his right hand in a jerk off motion. The entire table almost fell off their respective chairs laughing. It was a 2-5 game and it was before noon. Yes, I am on day shift for two weeks. I actually went straight home after work last night and didn’t go anywhere. I went to bed early and woke up late. I could get used to it, but the money is horrible. I made a whopping $68 yesterday.

I finally broke the tournament money barrier Thursday night. Rick, Jerry and I chopped up the prize money after everyone else was eliminated. I hope no one was too pissed because we were all dealers, but screw 'em if they were. Rick officially won first and had a pretty good chip lead, but we guilted him into chopping. I got second and enough points to guarantee me a spot in the free roll in two weeks.

My car is finished and waiting to be picked up. $780 for a tow and a water pump. I should have asked first. I wouldn’t have paid more than $500. I still need tires, a battery and registration. I’ll get there….


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