Monday, April 03, 2006

Bring on Summer!

What a beautiful day it was today. I called in to work and let Frank and Rick take it today. I told them my eyes hurt – I couldn’t see coming into work today. I went golfing with Khamar instead. We bet lunch playing skins. I didn’t officially lose until the 14th hole, when I was mathematically eliminated. I did have some problems with my swing today. Its gonna be an expensive summer if I keep playing this way.

I am taking a short break from poker lately. I’m just not running good. I am making good reads but not making profits. I need a break, and I think golf is just the thing. That and basketball playoffs coming up. The NBA is looking pretty compelling this season. I am a little pissed there are no games tonight because if the NCAA Championship game. I’m just not that into it. Players come and go too quickly for me to keep track of them all the time. I wait till they really stand out and I can see them year after year in the NBA.

Highlights of the day:
-Golf. Duh.
-Not having to work. I just didn’t feel like it.
-Finding the motivation to write a little.
-Finding cool new DVD’s for my collection at the pawn shop next door.
-Lunch at the Chinese Delight in the Nugget. Best Mongolian beef I’ve ever had. Period.
-Finding some cool new stuff on limewire to download.

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