Thursday, April 06, 2006

Remodeling the Den of Iniquity

I survived one night without poker, and I’ll be going for two today. I think golf is out of the question, we’ve got a pretty good storm rolling in. I am lying low this week, no SLC or Las Vegas for me. I’ll probably stay local this week. I’m too broke to go anywhere, and I still have one more week of dayshift. I’ll be glad when that’s over. I miss dealing tournaments.

Kamar provided the entertainment today while doing laundry. He brought some old school tunes with him to the Laundromat. The music made doing my weekly chores a lot easier.

Speaking of old school, we went to the cabaret last night and listened to the Chazz Band. They were excellent, busting out with old school hits by New Edition, Morris Day and the time and several others. Even the old people were getting into it pretty well, dancing in the aisles for hours. We finished off at the Corner Club. It was slow up there so we only stayed for an hour or so. Whoever was DJ’ing did a fine job, but I expect I would have been pleased with anything as drunk as I was. I did notice lots of building materials outside of Southern Exposure. Rumor has it that the place is being remodeled. I hope so…. Maybe Scott will spring for some carpet. I swear if they raise prices, I’m boycotting the place. I think he’s getting about six dollars for domestic beers and well drinks. Way too much for Wendover. That’s why I carry a flask…..


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Anonymous said...

Good for you ! I'm considering working here ( dancing ) and I'd much rather customers spend their money on ladies than drinks. ;)