Saturday, April 08, 2006

I gotta turn in the purple for the green...

Tonight is my last night working at Montego Bay. I accepted a transfer to the Rainbow. I start on Monday. My new shift will be Friday through Monday on dayshift. I am told this is one of the most lucrative shifts in town, so that made the decision pretty easy. I am going to miss everyone at Montego Bay a lot. I was thinking that with my new schedule, I won’t see any of the same people anymore. That might just keep me out of the bar this summer a little more.

I have resumed online poker activities, with some limited success on Poker Stars. I can’t seem to get away from certain mistakes, ones that I know I am making while I’m doing it. It’s frustrating and compelling, like watching a car wreck in slow motion. I’m trying though.

I am 0-2 against Khamar at the golf course. I can’t help but compare it to poker, because it seems like I am making the same mistakes in regards to focus and concentration. I am sure enjoying it though. I realized the other day that I am basically laying out $40+ a day to go curse at a bunch of little white balls that I pay way too much for. But it is relaxing, and I do enjoy myself out on the course. I must admit, there are few things better than hitting a perfect drive down the center of a fairway or chipping it in from 30 yards. Exhilarating!

My car is finished and ready to pick up. I am looking forward to another Vegas trip in the near future….


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