Saturday, March 11, 2006

Going To Bed Early

Fernando Hard at Work
Daily Highlights:

-Winning a $20 sit and go on Absolute Poker. Again.
-Making a killer read on a hand while dealing.
-Making $$$ for the Vegas trip.
-Staying out of the bar for 2 days.

Well, I did go in to the Nugget bar but just to talk to Fernando. I did have 1 beer so as not to be rude. We are on for NASCAR this weekend in Las Vegas. He’s a big fan. I could give two shits in a paper sack for stock cars. But it does sound fun. It is a giant tailgate party after all. Besides, its Vegas and 'Anything Goes Sundays' at Hogs and Heifers. And I havent been to Hooters or Caesars new poker room yet. You better believe thats on the list of things to see this weekend. Look for plenty of pics.

I am loving online poker. I have been playing sit and gos on Absolute Poker. I would say it is a minor success. I haven’t really won anything of substance, but it is fun and I’m not losing. I was itching to play live at Montego Bay last night but I don’t want to risk my trip, or my car. I can’t wait to have wheels again. Walking is fun and everything, but it is still 30 outside at night. Summer isn’t far off. Anyone for a barbecue?


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