Friday, March 10, 2006

Coconut Shrimp at six in the morning

Kamar Playing a Sit n Go On Bodog
Yesterdays Highlights:

Going home and going to sleep.
Breakfast at the gutter.
Kamar winning the tournament without saying a word for 3 hours.

Ok, it wasn’t really breakfast. I had the fisherman’s platter. It was 6 in the morning, so it counts as breakfast. Carlos, Kamar and I were celebrating a good night. It all started early in the shift, when someone found a roll of duct tape up at the front counter. It soon evolved into a bet. We do work in a casino, after all. Jason bet $10 that Kamar couldn’t keep completely silent during the entire tournament. Not only did Kamar win the bet, he won the whole damn tournament. A six – deuce off suit in the blind. Flop came 3 4 5 rainbow, and it was over in a flash. After the last card fell, Kamar let out a yell that filled in the entire 3 hour gap of silence he had left. My boy Paulin came in third. Almost a trifecta, but we still made killer money. A 2-5 game lasted all night too.

I came across a moral dilemma last night; I’d love to get some feedback on this one. Player number one, lets call him ‘Mike’. Mike is shitfaced drunk. Nicest drunk in the world, and pretty controlled. No violent movements, no drool. All the glass around him was still intact. But the dude was hemorrhaging money. He would call until he couldn’t anymore, and the man loved to check raise. He didn’t start it off until halfway through the night, when he pulled it off twice in the same hand and got some fish to pay him off when he showed the nuts. But then he lost it. Check raising with nothing over and over. Everyone caught on real quick, and before long he’s stuck more than I’ve seen anyone get stuck in a 2-5. And he loves it. The most gracious loser you’d ever met. I felt bad and wanted to cut him off, but it was so surreal. I just sat there and watched that train wreck for hours. Is that wrong, and will I go to hell for it? What about just bad karma…. I’d better be good for awhile.


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