Thursday, March 09, 2006

Fear and loathing in West Wendover

Just a few highlights from yesterday:

The Family Dollar - My first visit to Wendover's newest store.
Dinner at Trino’s – Mexican food in Wendover is the best.
Watching the Jazz game.
The ingenious invention of the three pointer drinking game.
Trolling for hot babes at Montego Bay.
Playing poker for 3 minutes because the game broke.
Playing darts at the Nugget.
The long overdue visit to Southern Exposure
The long walk to McDonalds after we left Southern Exposure 15 minutes after getting there.
Putting Crumpled McDonalds garbage under Greg’s Explorers drivers’ door handle.
Sleeping…. Wow! My head hurts.

I started the day off well, waking early, playing online and mainly waiting for the clock to pass so I could go to work. I was excited to get back after having 3 days off. I dealt to a game full of Georges and left early after 4 hours with plenty of dough. I met Kamar and Rick after work for some drinks. We were watching the Jazz – Timberwolves game at the sports bar in the Wendover Nugget. I pressed the guys into drinking every time someone made a three pointer. Rick amended the game to include and 1’s as long as the free throw was made. I looked it up today, and the Jazz shot 9 for 16 and the Timberwolves were 8 for 13. Both over 50%. I have no idea what the stats were for free throws after made shots. I do know that we got crazy there.
We all went to Southern Exposure after 2am or so. I have only been there once since moving back, and every time I go there, I have to remind myself that the place sucks on the weekdays since Mitch moved. No more backroom antics in the place. They actually asked me for ID last night. That hasn’t happened in a long time out here. I guess the police are doing a great job here in Wendover, because one of the dancers kept asking me if I had any ‘shit’. Pretty bold or pretty desperate, I'm not sure which. I had to get out of there before I paid $6 for another beer.
I couldn’t get a taxi so we all decided to walk down to the Rainbow. That was the plan until McDonalds came into view. I was pissed that it wasn’t late (early) enough for me to order breakfast, but we ordered anyway, except for Rick. His drunken ass insisted he wanted some ‘real’ food from the café at the Rainbow. We need a real restaurant here….
After a way too short sleep I went to a mandatory meeting on gaming regulations. We had a John Goodman look alike spend two hours teaching us how to thwart terrorism (make sure the government gets their money) by following all the gaming reporting procedures. Thank god for the US government and the Patriot Act helping keep terrorism and evil out of Wendover!


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