Sunday, July 31, 2005

Frustration In Paradise

I got sent home from work last night. Seems that because I haven't completed orientation, I cant work. Nevermind the fact that I've been working for the last two weeks.... Looks like some time off for me 'till Wednesday. I'm just glad the rents paid and my gas tank is full.

Funny story from last week, I was riding with Erica after we had just left the gym. We were in her car because the air conditioning worked, and I hadn't fixed mine yet. It really makes a difference in 110 degree weather, trust me.

We were headed west on Sahara when she saw that a police car was following her. When I asked her what the big deal was, she told me that her plates were expired. She was slyly changing lanes and making turns to try and shake the cop before he noticed the expired plates. He matched us at every turn, but never turned on the lights to pull us over. She finally decided to pull into a little strip mall business park and see what happened. The business out front was some engineering firm, and there were several more as we drove thru the parking lot. As we got towards the back I started to notice a whole lot of Ford Crown Victorias with stubby little antennas all over them. There had to be at least 30 of them. That's when I saw a sign for a private forensics lab, and behold, right next door was a sign that said CSI: Las Vegas. Probably not the best place to try and ditch the police. By the way, he never did pull us over. It did inspire me to fix my A/C.....

Mitch and I went on a grand adventure last night. After I got back from work, I agreed that we should drink some whiskey and generally blow off doing anything productive for the rest of the night. First we watched Bill Mahrs HBO Special. Mitch realized that Hollywood Video was closing in 20 minutes (it was 11:30 PM).

Mitch has a system - He goes right before closing time and looks for movies that are guaranteed in stock. If they are out of them, you get to rent it free next time you come in. He also spied that they were out of XXX 2. We got to the counter and I'll be damned if they didn't have one under the counter. We told them that we had changed our mind and just rented The Alamo.

Back at home several drinks later we decided the movie sucked, so we walked over to Steph and Ericas house to see what was going on. Boooooring. Everyone was wrapped up on the floor watching White Noise. We stole a couple pieces of pizza and left. I set off Stephs car alarm on the way out for good measure. Spilled my whiskey running away.

Steph called later and asked if we wanted to go into work with them. Since it was the Spearmint Rhino, one of the best nudie bars in the world, I quickly agreed that we should go. We polished off most of our whiskey, leaving just enough to fill a flask. We tried to cowboy up a little, but Steph wouldn't even let us in the car with the Stetsons on, so we left them. The Rhino was crowded as hell, but we were already toasted, so it was a good time.

The only remarkable thing from there was that Mitch and I got into it with a 4 foot tall guy who tried to sic his 'posse' on us - 10 more 4 foot Arabs. I guess security was already watching them, cuz they stepped in before anything really happened. Didn't say a word to us, but threatened the other guys with expulsion if they so much as blinked the wrong way. Good times.

I woke up this morning with something digging into my side. I guess my flask fell out of my pocket while I was sleeping....



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