Monday, July 25, 2005

Chicks Who Don't Know How Check their Oil

They should make it part of drivers education to show women how to check the oil in their car. This is not a broad generalization of women, just my general idea about a few broads I know.

I only worked 4 hours last night, and was on a single table push the whole time. It went like this... Came in at 5:30, got sent to break. Dealt for 1/2 hour at 6:00, then another break. It continued like that for 4 hours before I finally gave in and took an E.O. (Early Out). I picked up another shift tonight, the 5:30 again. I hope it is busier, or at least a few less dealers so I can make some $$$. I did finally make my first sighting of some Wendover regulars who recognized me right away. The crazy part is that there were 3 different people and they weren't together. It did feel good to be recognized, and the extra $$$ helped salvage an otherwise slow night.

I tried stopping at Santa Fe Station after work around 10pm. The jackpot is up to $307,000 and change. Not a chance in hell at getting a seat. I spoke to a guy who said he had been waiting almost 4 hours for a seat, and the place was packed. I decided to take my $60 and do the responsible thing. I filled up my empty gastank and went home.

It was at the gas station that I saw something that would make M.A.D.D. go bananas. Budweiser has a promotion going that gives you $2.00 off an 18 pack of beer if you fill up your gastank. Couldn't pass up $8.99 for an 18 pack.


Ps. Went out on Freemont Street. Tons of people, but I missed the show. Maybe tonight.

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