Sunday, July 24, 2005

2-4, The Kamikaze and Big Bad Beat Bonus

Wow, I guess it does rain here once in a while in Las Vegas... I was on my way home from work, taking the exit on 95 and Rancho to go try for a piece of the $302,000 Bad Beat Jackpot at Santa Fe Station. I guess the roads were slick from the rain, because I ended up doing a 360 in the dirt after I lost it going around the curve. Lucky for me - no harm, no foul. Got the heart pumpin though.

Really, that jackpot is making people insane. It has gone down to quad 2's or better getting beat. I couldn't believe how much action there was at 5am last night because of it. It was all anyone could talk about, and everytime the phone rang, some jackass would say that it hit..... Everyone would yell and get excited, and then it would start all over 5 minutes later. An extra $1000 or two would be nice.... I have 8.5 hours credit in the room there, 50 by the end of august will get me into the $200,000 freeroll September 10th.

I worked the 8pm swing shift at Binions last night. I couldn't seem to hold a table together. It was a walking party at almost every table. It started with a kamikaze Asian on a 2-4 table. He had 2 moves, raise and fold. He didn't fold much. The game was very tame and friendly before he sat down, but a mere 5 minutes later and he was making enemies faster than I could deal. He actually had a couple of guys tilted enough that they got up and left, calling him an asshole to his face on the way out. I agreed with them, as the guy was a black hole. Not one toke in 25 mins, and I pushed him at least 6 pots. By the time I left the table, there were only 4 players left.

I got encouraging news yesterday, I am now officially on the schedule at Binions, getting prime shifts 4 days a week. Looks like I'm there wed-sat at 7pm. Hopefully I'll get more tournament dealing action. Last night downs were worth $20.25 per half hour. Last time I checked, $40 an hour is pretty good coin.

I still haven't actually seen the Freemont Street experience yet... Maybe tonight.


ps. Stuck $50 in the 2-4 at Santa Fe last night.... Can't seem to find the handle lately. Congratulations to my buddy Joe, who has just been killing the tables lately in Wendover. Keep the rush going!

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