Saturday, August 06, 2005

I gots me a camera phone!

Finally sprung for a new phone. I was hatin' it with the pay as you go service. The sales rep told me I was paying my monthly charge 3 times every 2 months, so I switched to a regular plan. Only drawback was that I lost the Utah number.... Email me if you need the new digits.

Last night was my first night back at Binions after almost a week off. It was good to get back to work, I had cashed in the ashtray change a few days ago....

Binions was busy enough for a Friday night, but they had too many dealers. I am used to a 3, 4, or 5 table push between breaks, but last night I was lucky to get 2. I had a fun table last night, a 2-4 game with lots of action. The guy in the 1 seat was pretty hammered, and would yell YES! Every time a flop hit him (and sometimes when it didn't). He was hard to read, but lots of fun. He was good for at least $5 everytime he won a pot, and it was contagious. Probably one of my best downs since I started there. He kept making jokes about my size 11 'planks' (feet), but it was harmless and some of them were actually quite funny.

I spent Monday and Tuesday night with Jose, Jason and their polish harem from wendover. It was fun going to the clubs with 14 European beauties. Managed to make it without any marriage proposals....


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