Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What a Rush!

Last night has to rank as one of the best in my poker lifetime. I could hit anything I wanted. I played in the Monday night No Limit Tournament at the Rainbow and won the whole damn thing. I had just finished my second reading of the Dan Harrington books on tournament poker, and it gave me a lot of confidence in my abilities. Once it started, I was seeing things go down just as Action Dan scripted. I really put the principle of first in vigorish to the test towards the end of the tournament, and it paid off. I took down a lot of blinds uncontested, which really helped. When I didn’t, I hit what I needed to stay alive. I had three defining hands which made my tournament:

The first hand was right after I had laid down 7-8 off, which eventually made a straight. After kicking myself for not taking the 3-1 odds the pot was offering my short stack, I looked down at AK of spades in my big blind. I wasted no time getting all my chips in. I hit both cards and tripled up. After that, it was on!

I push first with A6 off, called by pocket queens. No problem.

He flopped a set. I flopped the gutshot broadway straight. Spiked a king on the turn to hit. Thanks for the chips buddy.

Lots of chips now, maybe chip leader. My M is still low, about a 7. I gotta keep playing.

Push first with Ks10s. Oh shit. The big stack called. King on the flop. No problem.

Wow. I’ve got 40k in chips, and there is only 48k in play. I think I got this one…. No problem.

After that it was off to the Nugget to party with my new Lithuanian friends. And that’s a whole ‘nuther story….


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