Friday, June 30, 2006

Strike One....

“I’ve only got four bucks left” One girl said to her friend sitting behind our table. ”Wanna make it eight?” I wondered aloud. Matt and I were leaving the scene, a nearly empty dive bar named the X-Wife’s Place. These two were the only things to look at, so I quickly dialed a cab.

We had planned to go to Green Street, but after the kamikaze (65 in a 30) taxi driver dropped us off, we realized that we’d never get in after seeing a hundred or so people standing in line waiting. The X-Wives place was our only hope at getting a beer that night. I hate Utah and that 1AM last call crap. Here’s to 24 hour states like Nevada.

Last week was PHENOMINAL! I had a great week at poker and an even better one with my family. I am so proud of my daughter; she is a great climber, an excellent swimmer and very fun to be around. She almost made it to the top of the wall at the Gateway. I still can't get her to try a backflip off the low dive, but I'm getting there. Thanks for throwing us out of the pool Murray city. There was no lightning. You know it. I think they just wanted the day over with early.

I hope there isn’t too much of a letdown this weekend. If you’re reading my blog, stop. Get your ass to Wendover and make me some dough. I’m going to save as much of it as I can for the next two weeks for the Vegas trip. Most of it will go towards trying to satellite into the main event at the World Series of Poker. And beer. And Shots. Be prepared for Dial a Shots and some impromptu live blogging. At least I'm going to try. Leave a comment here for Dial a Shot requests. I can accomidate requests anytime from the 9th to the 12th.

How far do you think they got on that tire Matt?


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Anonymous said...

Those people are not going far at all, I think that bike was the fat chicks bike. So she needed to walk home, so my little act of violence was actually a life saving act, because that girl is now looking into professional walking. God I am such a nice guy.