Saturday, April 22, 2006

Whoa! Do I Still Have a Blog?

The text belowwas saved in word labeled 4-13-06, over a week ago... I cant remember that far back, so I Cant finish it. We'll have to trust this historical record.

Highlights from the Past Few Days:
-Spending a full day with my daughter.
-Finding the perfect Driver to replace my broken club.
-Paying less for it new than it would have cost new.
-Finding a new printer very cheap (free).
-Getting approved for a mortgage.
-Putting together my dads new basketball standard.
-Playing basketball with my daughter.
-Being there for my dad when we came home and his house was all fucked up.
-Remembering to buy a bucket of KFC before I left SLC.
-Remembering to bring a pair of shorts so that I can appreciate the perfect weather.
-Finding more work pants at Wal-Mart.

What a weekend! I finished up my first day of work on Monday, which was awesome. I worked with Louis Sr. I was on the day shift from 10-6. There was no game at 10 when we got there, but we were able to get one started within an hour. I had an awesome day with very few mistakes. The most difficult thing for me to remember was keeping track of the bets when it was a kill pot. Rainbow spreads a hybrid 5-10 game for their entry level players. It is called 2-5 with a kill. It starts out as a 2-5 game with $1 and $2 blinds, same as Montego Bay. If a pot is over $50, then the winner of that pot has to post a $5 force bet on the kill button, and the game becomes a 5-10 structured game. Its kind of the same idea as having a 4-8 game with 1 and 2 blinds, and making the firs raise to $6 (+4). Keeps the regulars in cheap with small blinds, but pays them off with big pots. The game at the Rainbow is almost always a kill pot, so it is just a 5-10 in disguise.


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