Saturday, April 22, 2006

Drunk And Disorderly

The past weeks Highlights:

-Seeing Mitch and Co. from Las Vegas
-Going on a nice little poker rush
-Working at the Rainbow
-Dealing Omaha again.

Well, I think I have finally recovered. Mitch, Loxsie and Uly (pronounced YOU-lee, short for Ulysses) came to town this week. I celebrated their arrival before they even arrived on Wednesday. A six pack of Fosters was more than enough to get me started while playing poker and waiting their arrival. As soon as they got there it was down to the billiards room for drinks at the bar and a trip to Southern Exposure to see the dancing girls for the millionth time. I have to mention that little Ricky seems to be a little pimp… He’s got the Bill Bellamy look from Fastlane down pat. The girls wouldn’t leave him alone all night. Everyone else from town met us up at the titty bar, and it was on from there. Almost all of my poker dealer friends joined us that night. Props to you all Rick, Ricky, Kamar, Jose and several others I cant seem to sort out of the fog. They must have been in the back getting lap dances…

Following Southern Exposure, some of us went a few doors down in the plaza to the Corner Club. I think I had two more shots there, and then it was over. We had been drinking what we call Crown and Butters, or Jack the Rippers. It’s a simple mixture of Crown Royal and Butterscotch Schnapps. To make one, just pour a shot of Crown and then put a splash of Butter shots in it. About a 90/10 mixture, maybe 95/5. Damn they’re good.

I guess I stole everyone’s cab without saying goodbye. I was walking around outside, cause I REALLY needed the fresh air. I saw the cab, jumped in and was off to McDonalds for 4 Mc Chickens and 4 Double Cheeseburgers. Really. After that it was lala land for me.

We did it again the next night, but on a smaller scale, because we were all in a little pain from the night before. I had to work until midnight so we got a late start. There wasn’t really that much to report.

I had a good end to my workweek at the Rainbow last week. I put myself on the prop player list on both Sunday and Monday. I managed to post hundred dollar wins each day. I finished 10th on Monday nights tournament, good enough for $94. I was only in $65, so I see that as a moral victory anyway. I lost with AK against JJ. I was in the blind, and the JJ guy limped in. I aught an ace, but his third jack finished me off.

Omaha rocks. Not to play, but to deal. Every hand is interesting.

Until next time

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