Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday Ramble

I’m trying to have fun, but sometimes I can’t get myself to sit down and write. Sitting down is no problem; I can do that just fine. Trying to flatulize (is that a word?) my thoughts on the keyboard has been tough lately. I should talk more about the action of the tables at work. Maybe that will get me flowing…

Terry is on fire lately at the NL games at work. I’m not going to give the amounts, but it looks like he is doing well for the past few days. There is almost always a no limit game at the Rainbow lately. We spread a 4-8 Omaha a few days a week. I like dealing it because there is a $37,000 jackpot just waiting to be dealt. Even if the dealer gets screwed, there is almost a guarantee of a $1000 day. I love those days…..

I’m working on my illegal mp3 collection. I’ve got it pretty well stocked while watching vh1 and downloading along. I do love the ‘80’s. I love the 90’s too.


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