Sunday, April 30, 2006

Another Week at the Rainbow Casino

This past week was awesome. I spent a few days with my daughter in Salt Lake City and did lots of different things. She is very competitive and tries to win everywhere we go. I wonder where she gets it from.

Poker has been a bust this week. It is so nice outside; nobody is coming out to play lately. I’ve tried prop playing a little, but I haven’t seemed to make any progress. I should wait for awhile to build a bankroll and play NL a little more. There is a lot of money just sitting there on the table waiting for a prepared mind to show up and take it.

I ran into a Salt Lake City player online HERE. He writes pretty regular in his blog, check it out.

I had one of those dreaded nights at Montego Bay last night. I went through $140 without winning a pot. That’s what I get for playing 2-5. I am looking forward to Monday night’s tournament. I took 7th last week and 10th the week before. I am feeling a breakthrough here in this week’s tournament. I want to win it badly. I did have a good session last weekend playing 4-8 at the Nugget.

I am continuing the house hunt here in town. This hotel arrangement is good, but I am missing a kitchen big time. A patio with room for a bbq grill would be nice too. If anyone sees a good deal, let me know.

Keep the faith!


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