Saturday, June 17, 2006

Work Hard Play Harder

I’ve got a lot planned in the next few weeks. My Vegas trip will be a nice break after working 7 days straight in the next week. Yes, its tournament time again. We have a big set of tournaments every quarter, starting on Wednesday. The casino is giving away $25,000, so I expect to be busy. After that its Vegas baby, Vegas!

Mitch tried to call me last night for dial a shots, but I guess I was already asleep. I need to get out a little more. I did stay up late enough to see a time life 80’s cd collection. I managed to write a few down and download them for my music collection.

I’ve played in two live tournaments in the past few days after finishing the Dan Harrington on Hold’em books. Good info, but it didn’t get me in the money either time.

Congratulations on the great bunny massacre Matt. At least you finally came to Wendover again.

I got to throw a shout out to Anjesca. (I hope my spelling is remotely close). Thanks for reading.

Happy birthday to Fernando... I hope you're enjoying Tahoe.

I highly recommend you all check out Dane Cook’s Tourgasm on HBO. It is a badass comic reality tour. I laughed my ass off. Sundays, I think. I don’t know…. Just look it up.


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