Saturday, June 24, 2006

Rainbow Tournament Weekend

The week is halfway through. It has gone like nothing I could have ever imagined. It has been kind of slow. Only one of the tournaments has filled to capacity. But I’m loving it…

I played the Rainbow NL Hold’em tournament after work on Thursday, a $100 event with one optional $100 rebuy. I was pumped up to play because of my success in the tournaments earlier in the week. I had played poker at work for a few hours before, hitting the 20-40 for several hundred. I had budgeted $200 of the $500 I had in my pocket on this tournament. I did exactly nothing in the tournament, finishing quickly before the first break, but I didn’t add on, so I saved $100.

I played the $100 multi rebuy event yesterday afternoon, with much the same result. Stuck $300 and with the whole day off, I decided to buy in the 2-5 limit game and see what I could do. I was hot right off the bat, doubling up in less than 20 minutes. I took my $200 over to the No-Limit game and went wild. I was running over the table and taking down most pots without a showdown. It took just over 2 ½ hours to parlay my $100 initial buy in to $1700.

I left for dinner and a change of clothing and came back later in the evening to hammer a quick $200 more out of the game. I decided to stash everything but my latest $200 in winnings, which I wanted to take to the Wendover Ballet (Southern X-Posure). After calling a taxi, I ran into Stormi and Karma, 2 friends from work. They quickly agreed to join me in my adventure.

After we left Southern X-Posure, we headed to the Nugget for pool, air hockey, and much cheaper booze (free + tip). I had to wrap it up early to get home for work today, but I have had an awesome weekend so far.

Staying in tonight will be the biggest challenge I’ll face all week….


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