Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sunday Is My Saturday (1st Day Off)

Well, the Sunday tournament didn’t go as well as planned. I was out after playing two hands, the first being a good read that left me crippled and the second a desperation attempt with A-Q off. I did however go home early and play on Bodog for a lot longer than I expected. I was checking all the sites I have cash on (Bodog, PokerStars and Absolute Poker) to see when the soonest scheduled tournament was. Bodog had a $7+1 with a $3500 guarantee, but when I went to the cashier I had only $6 or so. I went to a .10 -.25 no limit table and doubled up real quick with KQ suited, catching a king and a caller of my all in. With 12 bucks to my name I entered the tournament with about three minutes to spare.

I couldn’t lose! For the next two hours, I was DESTROYING everyone. I was the chip leader for most of the time until we got to the money, when everything changed. There were something like 390 players, and it started paying at 36. Once we got there, I couldn’t win. I did manage to hang on for a 16th place finish and $43, but I would have loved that $875 first prize. Next time…

I spent the night last night in SLC with my dad and daughter. Good times, though the Jazz game last night was stressful. The Jazz were up by 20 and almost gave it away. They scored 1 field goal in the fourth quarter. Thank god for Kirilenko, who swatted a couple shots with the game on the line to save the day. I crack up on all the little white kids in Utah who are going to want a Mohawk just like him. Hmm… I wonder if his old lady gets a free pass every year too…

Hearts tonight. I am looking for a big win. If anyone has some good hearts strategy tips, send them along. If they’re good, maybe we’ll split or something. Tuesdays is a long standing tradition for poker dealer hearts games in Wendover. Just two bucks a game and ten cents a point. Worst I’ve seen anyone get hurt for is a hundred or so. I’m lovin' the camera phone, so maybe I’ll post some pics tomorrow.


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