Sunday, March 05, 2006

Guess What?

I’m Baaaaaack………

Finally, I’m back online and writing again. First, I am no longer VegasPokerDealer. I will now be known as WestWendoverPokerDealer. You see, I had to move back to Wendover for two reasons. First and foremost, I wasn’t being a good father by living 400 miles away from my daughter. Second, I wasn’t making enough dough in Vegas, and pardon my English, but shit in Vegas costs too much. $3 a gallon for gas? C’mon… I thought we were at war for the oil. Someone should tell Bush to make the petrol cheaper. That is the real reason for his 20% approval rating. Oh yeah, and he’s an idiot. But enough about politics. Let’s talk about rent. I had a real nice house in Summerlin, but $2200 for rent, power and cable is a lot, even splitting it 3 ways. So I left and came back to this little desert paradise.

Things have been good here, but I was spoiled in the Vegas poker world. Oh how I miss structured limit games. This spread limit junk is just a holdover from the days of stud, and no one here seems to realize that the rest of the world plays 2-4, 4-8 and 10-20. 2-5 is a horrible game. I have all but sworn it off and started concentrating on tournaments and no limit play.

Biggest news of all- I hit the bad beat for $3500 last Sunday. I had pocket queens, and Marv had pocket 8’s. The flop was 8 A 8, and we caught running aces to make the beat happen. Thank god I was drunk or I would have never played those queens past the flop. Who says that tequila doesn’t impair your judgment?

You can all thank the bad beat for my new laptop. Makes this blog thing easy again.

I have a new hobby of making chip statues or forts or whatever. As soon as I can get my Phone to transfer Pics I’ll post some.

I’m off to play the Sunday 3:00 at the Nugget. $45, no rebuys. I’ll post again after and leave some results.


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